Due to the collapse in value of the pound (GBP) compared to the Ozzie dollar over the last 16 months (it’s gone from 2.4 AUS to 1 GBP, to 1.6 AUS to 1 GBP) surfboard prices to us have increased by 50% !!!!

We have absorbed a lot of the increase ourselves ,but unfortunately have had to put our prices up to offset some of the increase….on average between 15-20%.

All of our surfboards are OZ boards and continue to be 100% Australian made, and not made under licence in the far east or europe…hopefully in the future the GBP will be back to what it was and we will be able to bring the prices back down.

In the meantime we’re pleased to be offering free FCS fin upgrades on all 2010 surfboards while stocks last. Specifically FCS K2-1, K3 and DHD-2’s for surfboards with thruster setups, and FCS S25’s for Quads, like the Simon Anderson Mollusc.

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