Custom Board Builder


Here at Down the Line Surf we stock Europe’s largest range of surfboards but if you are looking for something truly unique with your own personal touch then why not order a custom surfboard. Our custom board builder allows you to easily customise the stock dimensions, fin system, construction and look of your surfboard. Our board builder is powered by Shape3D which is the industry standard software used by the shapers and it also features a built-in volume calculator.

Chris Christenson is a name synonymous with traditionally built surfboards, unbelievable glass jobs and a truly unique style.

Specializing in performance shortboards and boards that go well in weaker conditions, Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos' Lost surfboards are world class, with an ever-increasing list of top pros choosing to ride them.

World class surfboards made in Cornwall by previous European and British champion Nigel Semmens and his highly experienced team.

A family driven company based in the beautiful Basque Country of Northern Spain, Pukas Surf has slowly but surely built a reputation as Europe's top producer of high-performance surfboards.

Synomonus with world champ John John Florence, Pyzel offer a range of high performance boards tried and tested in the most demanding waves on the planet.


If you're interested in ordering a custom surfboard from a brand not available in our custom board builder then please fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap. If the surfboard brand you are looking for isn't listed in the form below either please get in contact with us we are always expanding our range of brands and boards.


Sorry, no results… We understand the frustration when the product you're looking for is unavailable. At Down the Line Surf, we constantly update our inventory. New stock may be coming in soon. Give us a call on +44 (0)1736 757025 or send us a request on the contact form. Thank you for choosing Down the Line Surf!