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AIPA invites all generations of the inspired to experience the blend and balance of an authentic surf legacy and connect with us on the journey to imagine and live “The Next Move”.

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Aipa The Apex MLB Sting 9'2" Longboard - Blue

PU construction 4+1 fin setup (fins not included) Single stringer
£910.00 £810.00
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Aipa The Dark Twinn Surfboard

PU Construction Available as 3 Fin or as a twin (fins not included) Ideal Surf: All rounder Mid-range rocker Bottom Contours:A staged bottom contour blending a roll from the nose...
£635.00 £529.00
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Aipa DNA Surfboard

PU Construction Quad Fin set up (fins not included) Ideal Surf: Shoulder to overhead Sized up to be surfed 2” shorter than your standard shortboard, this increases the width and...
£646.00 £538.00