Fin Accessories

Fin Accessories

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Tools and wallets to keep your fins safe and maintained, there's nothing worse than rocking up to surf to find you can't secure your fins, or swap them out for another set.

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Bulldog Single Fin Longboard Bolt

Simply attach, remove or adjust single fins No need for screwdriver Stainless steel
All productsDown the Line Surf Co.

FCS - Grub screw (6 pack)

Pack of 6 replacement grub screws to fit FCS fins onto your surfboard
All productsEssentials

FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit

Kit Includes: 2 Plastic shims 2 Stainless plates 1 Short screw 1 Long screw 1 Instruction sheet 1 FCS key
All productsEssentials

Futures Fin Key

Futures Fin Key (Assorted Colours)
All productsEssentials

FCS Moulded Steel Fin Key

Don't get caught short in the carpark asking everyone you see if they have a spare key. Grab on of these and leave it in your glove compartment... then maybe...