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Specializing in boards that go well in weaker conditions, Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos' Lost shortboards are super hot right now, with an ever-increasing list of top pros choosing to ride them. Lost began in 1985 when Matt and a group of friends were more interested in surfing Dana Points, snowboarding and skating than scoring a goal in football or winning this thing or that. They did their own thing, got creative and carved out their niche as "Team Lost" - now one of the world's leading surfboard manufacturers.

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Lost RNF 96 - Black Sheep - FCS2

Features Black Sheep Carbon Fibre Construction Volan tail patch Mint rails with mint bottom Twin + 1 Fin Set up (fins not included) Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave,...
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Lost RNF Retro 23 Surfboard

Features: Construction: PU Rocker: relaxed nose rocker / medium tail rocker Fins: Quad (fins not included)
From $945.00
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Lost x Aipa Puddle Jumper Sting Surfboard

Construction: PU Fins: 5 fin boxes, tri/quad set up, (fins not included)
From $970.00
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Lost Retro Tripper Surfboard - Clear

Construction: PU Concaves: A soft rolled vee in the front, blending to a subtle single concave though the center and gradually receding in to a double concave vee in the...
From $840.00