Surf Wax

Surf Wax

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Surfboard wax, to keep you stuck to your stick. Surf wax is categorised by density with softer wax being the ideal choice for colder waters whereas harder wax is the better option for warmer waters and base coats. A base coat provides a consistent base that allows for a thicker and stickier build of wax which can last much longer with consistent top ups.

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FCS Surf Wax

100% Recycled Packaging Wax Contains Natural Ingredients Coconut Scented Quality Beads Made In The U.S.A Wax Temperature Density Base All Temperature Extra Hard Tropical + 22°C / 72F Hard Warm...
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FCS Eco Blend Wax Comb

FCS wax combs are made with repurposed and recycled plastic, with profits from the sale of each wax comb going towards supporting ocean conservation charities such as the Gowings Whale...
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Wax Fresh Scraper

Available in multiple colours Ergonomic comfortable design Made from recycled plastic 100% recyclable Designed & made in Australia Designed by surfers for surfers
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Mrs Palmers Surf Wax

Australia's leading Surf Wax! Mrs Palmers ultra sticky was established in 1988 to cater for all surfers from beginners to elite pros. Created for those all day surfs when you...
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Sticky Bumps Surf Wax

The original Sticky Bumps surf wax was the first traction adding wax that broke away from the use of a paraffin based surf wax. Long lasting and easy to apply....
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Mr.Zogs Sex Wax Quick Humps

Sex wax quick humps available in 5 different options for frigid to tropical waters, basecoat or topcoat. Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional...