We've just taken a big delivery of new Futures Fins from their brand new 2024 range. There's fins for every board we stock plus new signature athlete and shaper series fins with fin templates to suit every wave and every style of surfing. We've picked out a few of our favourites to take a look at, check out the full range of Futures Fins online now.

Ando Blackstix - This large thruster template is designed to generate and maintain speed through turns. Craig Anderson's signature fin we've all seen in clips of him taking to the skies. This is a good choice for any surfer looking for an all-round, speed generating thruster set. 

Billy Kemper - Billy's signature big wave quad set designed for maximum hold in pumping surf. 80/20 foil in the front, 50/50 in the back for solid control. Tested across the globe in some of the most consequential waves and surf contests.

Christenson 5-Fin - Designed to work with most shortboards, including Chris' Ocean Pro (OP) range. It's a balanced fin set, pivot style for quick in-the-pocket surfing. Choose the quads for a bit more speed and release off the top.

Christenson Keel - Much anticipated, Christenson's twin fin collaboration with Futures. It's the most upright keel fin in the Futures range, allowing for good control down the line as well as classic speed. Upright Twin also available.

Jordy Smith - Highly raked, thruster, Jordy’s go-to in pumping surf for more control. Available in Honeycomb or Premium Techflex Carbon for getting the most out of your fin performance.

AM Techflex - One of our best selling thruster sets of all time, now available in the premium Techflex Carbon, plus a five fin option too. Perfect combo of release and drive, and genuinely a shop favourite fin template from the legend that is Al

Pyzel Bobcat - Designed by Twinny Aficionado Bob Hurley and Jon Pyzel for his Wildcat model. Offering maximum drive and hold but still with that upright twin pivot. Perfect for the medium to large surfer looking to push their twin fin performance to the next level.

Vector 3/2 - Fresh! Futures have been developing this new fin design for improved speed generation and drive, thanks to it’s twisted foil (3 degrees of cant and 2 degrees of toe = 3/2). Available now in the Alpha construction to keep the price point low for those wishing to experiment.

Twiggy Step-Up - Twiggy's new 5-fin set. Run as thruster for more control in critical surf (with signature slightly larger centre fin) and quad in more barreling, down the line waves. This Step-Up is designed for big, powerful waves. However, if you're chasing some of the biggest waves around Europe and the rest of the globe, then check out the Big Wave version that's also available.


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