Flexi-Hex Plastic Free Board Packaging Now Available

It is becoming more important than ever to reduce our usage of non-recyclable plastics. Those of us who have been surfing for a good few years have personally witnessed the rise in plastic in the environment. Plastic was once something you would only see on occasion after rough seas but now it has become a staple of the tide line.

The surfing industry is not as environmentally friendly as it can be, but things are looking up. Until recently there was no decent alternative to bubble wrap for protecting surfboards in transit, but the Cornwall based company Flexi-Hex have stepped up to the challenge.

Header Photo: Surfers Against Sewage

What is Flexi-Hex Packaging ?

Flexi-Hex is a 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard sleeve that adapts to the contours of the surfboard. This reduces the need for plastic bubble wrapping and the sleeve can be easily stored away and reused in the future.

Cardboard is not only affordable, accessible, lightweight, and completely recyclable, it is also surprisingly strong and durable. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails but the deck, nose and tail. Flat crush test: 31,000 kg/m2

The hexagonal cellular structure allows flexibility and allows it to fit almost any shape surfboard. To allow for varying sizes, Flexi-Hex is made of two open ended modular sleeves cut to size and fixed at the center point.

How to get your board delivered in Flexi-Hex

If you would like your board to be shipped using the Flexi-Hex packaging simply add the Flexi-Hex packaging option to your basket, it’s just like adding another product to the basket. You wil find the packaging option in the main description on every surfboard page, and also at the first page of checkout if you have a surfboard in your basket. The standard delivery rates still apply.

How much does it cost?

We are offering the Flexi-Hex packing option for just £5 per surfboard, for surfboards up to 7’6″, and £7.50 for any boards longer than 7’6″, and we will subsidize the rest of the cost ourselves, as we would like to see every one of our customers take advantage of this option.  When you receive your board, if you are careful in removing the Flexi-Hex from around the board, you will be able to re-use it for whenever you need it next.  It makes for perfect added protection when taking your surfboards abroad, moving house, long road trips.. whatever!

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