Firewire Surfboards available for Demo in Cornwall

Fancy taking the Firewire Mini Driver for a spin? Love the look of the Firewire Vanguard but can’t decide on the length? A toss up between the Potatonator and Sweet Potato frying your brain? All these radical changes in board templates is a gamble in just trusting your hard earned cash with the long haired lank down the local surf shack just because he said, “My mate Paul just had  the best surf of his life at Sheepies on the new Firewire Jacknife last night”. Yeah, ok mate, maybe he did, but I know how I surf and I know what I want my new board to do.

Well, fear not, because us friendly chaps at Down the Line Surf Co. Hayle, Cornwall, have a range of new Firewire Surfboards available for you to take for a spin to check them out for yourself!

Absolutely free, and with no obligation whatsoever, all you need to do is swing by the shop, mention that you’ve seen this blog and you wanna take one of the little beauties out for day. We’ll take your phone number and bank card details, and you get to walk out the door with Mini Driver under your arm. Our demos are on a 24hour basis so you can keep her for the night if you want, (remember, no tongues.)

Check out the line up of all available boards for demo here….

5’10 Potatonator

As the name implies, the POTATO-NATOR is the result of gene-splicing the SWEET POTATO and the DOMINATOR. With a longer rail line and less girth than the POTATO, and a slightly pulled in nose similar to the DOMINATOR, the POTATO-NATOR is meant to be ridden 4″-6″ longer than a POTATO, and approx. 2″ shorter than the DM.

The double concaves are softer than the SWEET POTATO and while the overall rocker has been increased slightly to enhanced performance, the low entry rocker remains which makes paddling a breeze. Designed primarily for 2′-4′ surf, the POTATO-NATOR will hold its own in 3′-5′ as well. Fin placement is optimized to be ridden as a quad, but don’t be afraid to throw in a small, knubby trailer fin to help this hybrid 4-finner come alive in new ways. Splice and dice it up!

6’2 FST and 6’0″ Rapidfire Spitfire

The Spitfire was the brainchild of Firewire’s Marketing Director and former top pro surfer Chuy Reyna. He liked Firewire’s Dominator but wanted a bit more drive … The Spitfire combines a Diamond tail and step-down tail rail to give the tail bite of a thinner board, without losing the Dominator’s speed and flotation. The Spitfire also offers the same 5/4/3 fin options and and low entry rocker for easy paddling.

5’08 Vanguard

Don’t be put off by it’s quirky looks – this is a highly functional surfboard that lends itself to rail surfing and tricks in a wide range of conditions.

In the words of Firewire, “higher degrees of speed, electric wave attack and radical aerial potential are all possible with this highly tuned machine.”

5’03” Baked potato in White Rapid Fire
The Baked Potato has a few subtle design changes from the Sweet Potato, yet still offering the same excellent small wave performance. Pulling the nose in slightly and losing some volume in the rails has allowed for even faster rail to rail transition.


5’10” Firewire Lost Mini Driver

Arguably one of the most versatile boards in the Firewire range.Starting with the Driver, they lowered the nose rocker and placed the outline further forward, both of these changes created extra drive. Throw in a rounded tail for control and add a little extra width 12″ up from the tail to create a clean elliptical outline which allows this board to move freely on the face and also inside the barrel. This board will amaze you in small, everyday surf, but still hold its own when a decent winter groundswell hits. 

5’08 Jacknife
As of Spring 2013 the JacKnife is Firewire’s newest high performance hybrid. It has a slightly fuller nose and a fairly wide wing swallow which results in an “effective rail” line that allows length through turns when you need it, and shorter, snappier turns when you release between arcs. Couple this with a contemporary foil and rocker for vertical in the pocket and rail sensitive ripping, and the un-weighting ease for longer airtime, and you’ll love the versatility.


Flexflight 9’0 Longboard

FLEXFLIGHT’S are true high-performance longboards, incorporating the increased dampening and squirt through turns as a result of CROSSFIRE Technology’s flex characteristics; which eliminate the chatter of a longer board while increasing overall speed, never mind the 30% weight saving and increased strength over regular “PU”. 

So, what are you waiting for? The sun’s out and it’s pumping on the coast. Give us a call on 01736757025 and come down the shop to grab a board and have a whirl. you never know, it could give your surfing a completely new lease of life!

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