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Channel Islands Dumpster Diver 2.0 Surfboard

Today, we've got the eagerly anticipated Dumpster Diver 2.0 from Channel Islands and Dane Reynolds. These are the first ones in the UK, and we've been really excited to get them in. We've seen a lot of amazing content of Dane surfing these boards, which has everyone amped. The boards look amazing!

The Dumpster Diver 2.0 follows the same DNA as the original Dumpster Diver. This model came about from the "Out of the Rafters" project with Dane, where he revisited the old Dumpster Diver he loved. He realized how much he missed it and decided to make a few modern tweaks to bring out the new Dumpster Diver 2.0. It retains the original essence but with updates to elevate performance and allow it to be surfed in a broader range of wave conditions.

Key changes include more width in the nose and tail, as well as increased nose and tail rocker. Coupled with a subtle single concave on the bottom and a designed-in "hip" for more release, these modern elements elevate the board's performance. This design makes it more versatile in better waves compared to it's predecessor. In the UK, this board will cover a wide range of wave sizes, from small waves to bigger surf, and it will perform and turn hard, giving you all the performance and hold you want. It's a functional design particularly suited to UK conditions and looks like a lively and exciting board to surf.

Dane Fin Set   Dumpster Diver 2.0

Regarding fins, Dane has designed a set to go with this board. The set includes a slightly smaller, more upright centre fin, designed to give more release through turns, similar to a CI template fin like the AMs. If you're looking for fins for this board, we recommend either the Dane fin set or a set of AMs, both of which will work really well with the Dumpster Diver 2.0.


If you have any questions about the board, feel free to give us a call at the shop, drop us an email, or send us a message anytime.

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We've got PU versions and Spine-Tek Dumpster Diver 2.0s in stock. As always, you can order a custom board through us, so give us a shout anytime.

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