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Firewire | Machado Moonbeam Surfboard Review

Following on from the hugely popular and massively fun Go Fish and Midas. The Moonbeam is another collaboration between legendary surfer Rob Machado and Firewire surfboards. The Moonbeam has been designed for maximum speed and fun in small weak waves.

The Shape

The board features a lot of volume under the chest and has a wide nose outline very similar to that of the Midas. This means the board paddles very well and catches tonnes of waves. The signature “board eat board” channel by Rob also creates a lot of lift and speed.

The board features a relatively flat rocker but has a lot of “kick” in the tail and the nose, this allows for more vertical maneuvers in the pocket. The distinctive crescent tail shape gives more control through critical turns and when travelling at high speeds.


Go fast and Have fun ! The Moonbeam was designed for generating heaps of speed in smaller weaker waves. The unique tail shape and outline allows this board to turn on a dime and hit any section.

Comparing the Midas and the Moonbeam, the Moonbeam is better suited to weaker waves. Whereas the Midas is designed to perform in rounder more powerful waves.

The Moonbeam is a speed generating machine.


We have the Moonbeam available as a 5 fin FCSII set up. The option to have a quad fin set up adds even more speed to this board.

For a full review check out our video below.


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