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McCoy Nugget design

Geoff McCoy has been designing surf boards for the past four decades, from beginner to elite abilities around the world of surfing.

From these many years of research McCoy has come up with a combination of subtle curves that blend together producing a surfboard that provides excellent stability combined with continual flow. Simply stated it makes surfing easier!

Now what is meant by continual flow?

It basically means the board will keep running through all the manoeuvres on all parts of the wave face. No stop, start, arcs or slowing and stopping on flatter sections.

How is this achieved by the board?

It is simply by designing a surfboard that can carry the surfer’s weight better and actually has a planing area combined with softer rails where the surfer stands, this allows the board to run higher in the water and stay on the planing surface, hence more flow through out the wave range.

The nugget design has most of the board’s volume in the back half both in plan shape and thickness. In plan shape the board is widest in the middle then holding the width only tapering slightly going into the tail area which has a full round curve for ease of turning gives the board the ability to hold the energy of the wave, allowing for continual flow.

The thickest point of the board is also the middle area which holds the thickness as it runs forward into the nose rocker, and through to the tail area.

This even distribution of thickness through the length of the board is one of the contributing features that allow the nugget design to be the free running flowing easy to control surfboard that it is.

This nugget design is comfortable to ride in all wave types and conditions; This is because the softer blend of rail and bottom curves combined with the wider tail area allow the board to stay on the wave’s face where maximum speed is obtained.

Surfboard design determines its performance capabilities, if a board cannot carry you comfortably and has prominent design features in plan shape rail shape or bottom shape, it will react to those prominent features and will struggle to surf with continual flow, knowing this McCoy Surfboards have no prominent features.

Our designs provide the board with the ability to flow smoothly, this is because of the subtle blend of soft flowing curves.

So what are the benefits for the surfer in such designs?

You have a surfboard that is extremely versatile and amazingly “User Friendly” that really produces “Endless Fun” for all surfers from beginner to advanced ability, it is a real break through in surfboard design.

It would be fair to say in general that most females wanting to enjoy the riding of a wave are not aggressive like the male surfer, in their approach to surfing.

McCoy designs allow the board to react much easier with less pressure needed to turn and manoeuvre while riding the wave, it basically takes the struggle out of surfing and defiantly increases the “Fun Factor”

Geoff McCoy designed surfboards in appearance and functions are not like any other surfboards being produced by any other manufacture in the world.

These design features reflect balance and functionality like no other surfboards, their features and performance can be utilised by any surfer entering the water for the “Fun” of surfing.

Specifically they are not a design for the “Elitist” but a practical assist to your surfing pleasure.

Geoff McCoy designed and constructed surfboards are built to last.

Constructed of the highest quality “Time Proven” materials available.

In the construction process, we have a team of hand picked surfers, who are experienced long term crafts people each dedicated to their specific team function resulting in the highest quality possible.

We enjoy a unique position in the world of surfing, our second hand boards are extremely hard to find and their resale value is the highest of all traditional constructed surfboards.

This combination of superior design and construction is why Geoff McCoy designs are held in such high esteem from both the industry and surfers alike around the world of surfing.

When you buy a McCoy surfboard you know you are buying time proven quality and function at the highest level.

Designed and built to bring you years and years pure surfing “Enjoyment” as it is all about “FUN”.

Keep surfin'

Geoff McCoy

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