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PE = Polyurethane/Epoxy. The Epoxy resin used is ‘Ultra Bright’ which as well as being very strong is also a brilliant white which stays that way – unlike the Polyester resin used in a regular PU surfboard.

At first glance this looks like a ‘traditionally’ made Hypto Krypto (as opposed to the, FutureFlex version) but it’s not. PE stands for polyurethane/epoxy, which means it’s made using a polyurethane blank (old school – good flex) and Epoxy resin, in this case a variation known as ‘Ultra Bright’, which as well as being super-strong (meaning the board will stay ‘alive’ longer) also produces a stunning, lasting white tint. The PE tech also incorporates progressive glass-fibres that bond better with the resin whilst improving flex.

And what’s more, the PE Hypto starts at just £510 – £100 cheaper than its FutureFlex counterpart.

What’s the Hypto Krypto All About?

Haydenshapes’ much imitated and hugely popular Hypto Krypto combines the front of an early 80’s twinnie with the rear of a pintail step-up.

Flat entry rocker and plenty of width/volume up top for glide (with a bit of nose flip for extra security)…coupled with pinched rails and a pulled-in tail down below for tight carves in the pocket…with a subtle convave-to-vee to help things run smoothly.

A bona-fide all-rounder that in-house ripper Dan swears by whenever the waves get good.

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