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Firewire Vader in the UK

Firewire Vader is the latest model from Daniel “Tomo” Thomson to utilise the modern planing hull (MPH). On first inspection you’ll think it looks very similar to the Vanguard apart from the Firewire Vader has a diamond tail as opposed to the Vanguard’s vee/double diamond. Well, actually the Vader does an even better job at hiding it’s volume, allowing you to ride the Firewire Vader even shorter than you’d ride the Vanguard.

The Firewire Vader is designed for anything in the waist to double-overhead range, putting the Vader way up there in terms of versatility. Ride it as a quad in weak waves to increase the speed, and switch to a tri-fin when the swell picks up and you need a little more control. Trust me it’ll still offer plenty of speed!

Check out the foil on it, short and chunky with the width pulled in is the name of the game.

Vader foil

We will be getting the Firewire Vader in stock this week in a 5’5-5’10. Strictly limited stock, so contact us today if you want to reserve one, or alternatively give us a ring on 01736 757025.

 Length  Width  Thickness  Fin Set up  Volume
 5’5″  18 3/8″  2 7/16″  5 fin FCS2  28.8
 5’6″  18 5/8″  2 1/2″  5 fin FCS2  30.5
 5’7″  18 7/8″  2 9/16″ 5 fin FCS2  32.1
 5’8″  19 1/8″  2 5/8″ 5 fin FCS2  33.9
 5’9″  19 3/8″  2 11/16″ 5 fin FCS2  35.7
 5’10”  19 5/8″  2 11/16″ 5 fin FCS2  37.6


I suppose you want to have a look at the Vader don’t you? Well here she is! Please note we’ll have it as FCS 2 and not futures as shown.

Firewire Tomo Vader Surfboard

Vader Surfboard

This is how Firewire describe the Vader surfboard:-

“Dan describes the Vader as a Mind Surfing Machine, which reacts instantaneously to desired directional changes with incredible bursts of speed. Controlled, drawn out carves and radical tight angle snaps are achievable with an effortless and intuitive shift in a surfer’s weight. In addition, paddle power and generally usability have been increased with a larger volume distribution throughout comparative to the Vanguard, which encourages surfers to ride the Vader even shorter than previously considered functional.”

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