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Are you a high-performance shredder seeking the very best high-performance board to shred on? Or are you someone aspiring to become an accomplished high-performance shredder and in need of the perfect board for that journey?

Alternatively, are you an average surfer looking for a top-notch short board to execute those big turns, when it's your day to perform and the waves are pumping? 

If so, JS Industries' Monsta 10 is the answer.

The Monsta 10 is JS's pinnacle high-performance shortboard, crafted to excel across a wide range of conditions, from waist-high to 6 to 8 foot waves. It can excel in a wide range of conditions depending on your surfing abilities, your style, and how you'd like to surf it.

JS Monsta 10 PU Surfboard - Buy online today at Down the Line Surf. International shipping available.

The Monsta 10 has a medium-high performance rocker, designed to offer agility on the steepest of waves. This rocker is based on the successful design of the Monsta 2020, which widened the sweet spot on the board, making it more forgiving and more user-friendly.

The Monsta 10 features a standard high performance shortboard outline plan shape, with a squash tail, pointy nose, and medium rails, all aimed at providing forgiveness and versatility, yet keeping performance as high as possible.

The bottom contours incorporate a single to double concave, a common feature in top high-performance boards. The Monsta 10 is favoured by both professional surfers and everyday enthusiasts worldwide due to its ability to adapt to different conditions and surfer styles.

Reubyn's Take

"For me, the Monsta 10 is a very happy medium board. I find it equally as good for turns, airs, combos and barrels. I definitely feel like there needs to be a little bit of push in the wave to get the best out of it, but I'll also mix up my fins to suit the conditions I find myself in. 

I would use an FCS AM Large fin when the waves are good, and I would use an FCS MR Twin + 1 in smaller surf, which makes it a really good small wave board.

The combination of the board with a few different fin setups can be pretty much a one board quiver in England and further afield for anything from 1ft to 6ft, so yeah, I love it."


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