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JS Baron Flyer Surfboard Review

The highly-anticipated JS Baron Flyer is here! This performance twin-fin from JS gained significant attention after footage of Parko surfing it in the Champions Trophy in the Maldives surfaced, showcasing some stunning carves and impressive performance. Plus, taking the win too...


The Baron Flyer builds on the success of the Black Baron, aiming to elevate performance in the twin fin genre. This board has a slightly more curved outline compared to the Black Baron and features a squashed rounded tail with a wing. This design allows the board to maintain width through the centre while having a more pulled-in tail, enhancing performance in the pocket and providing a tighter turning radius.

The Baron Flyer is engineered for smooth, fast, and controlled surfing, generating significant speed, even in small and weak surf. It offers a fun, skatey, and loose feel, perfect for maximising enjoyment on smaller days. However, the Baron Flyer also excels in good waves, delivering exceptional performance in steeper and pumping conditions. This is a testament to its versatile DNA shared with the Black Baron.


For fin setup, the JS MFC twin fin set is the ideal choice for the Baron Flyer, optimising its performance characteristics. The JS Baron Flyer is perfect for surfers seeking a high-performance twin fin board that excels in various conditions. Its advanced design and optimal fin setup make it suitable for different wave conditions and surfing styles. 


If you have any questions about the Baron Flyer, feel free to email us, send a message on Instagram, visit our shop, or give us a call.

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