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Firewire Slab – new for 2014?

We’re hearing rumours that Firewire are to start producing Jon Pyzel’s Slab – one of John John’s fave boards. The Slab will be their second collaboration, with the Pyzalien well into the production stage following rave reviews from Firewire test pilots. With its squashed planshape and generous tail rocker, the Slab isn’t a million miles away from the Pyzalien (both come from Pyzel’s ‘Stubby’ range). Low entry rocker provides instant speed while the curve through the tail allows tight carves in the pocket. The Slab is designed for dynamic surfing (new school or old school, a la John John) in less than perfect waves.The following description comes from the Pyzel website…

John John Florence came up with the idea for this design and we refined it into his new favourite free-surf board! We chopped 3″ off the nose of the JP-X and added tail rocker. The result is a fuller nose, forward wide point, super high performance stubby. The lowered nose rocker makes it quick from take-off and very drivey down the line. The extra tail rocker lets you use all that speed for crazy, ultra loose, pocket orientated carving turns. The wider nose and stubby outline keep it super stable when landing huge airs!

We recommend you ride this one about 2″-3″ shorter and 1/4″ to 1/2″ wider and the same thickness as your regular shortboard.

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