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Patagonia R4 wetsuit on an Antarctican Iceberg

Kepa Acero spent a couple of days around Deception Island, in the Antarctic. He didn’t get any waves yet, but you can tell by the stoke on his face that it was a truly incredible trip. He’s still out there, so look out for further footage coming soon

Here’s what he has had to say about the trip so far:-

“We are going through the Drake Passage, mythical and legendary among sailors and navigators to be more enraged space on the planet.

When we left the port of Ushuaia, our sailboat, the Pakea Bizkaia, estable, seemed solid and we passed Cape Horn and the dimensions change. Now, between two oceans, with this mass movement of water, wind, and snow and crossing 50 degrees of latitude gives you a feeling you are very small amid the vastness.

180 degrees south, morning finally get to Antarctica.

Land in sight … the distance of a species is white mass. If not for rocky peaks protruding think they are a fog … we are getting closer and begin to see the dimensions of the ice mountains …
It’s huge ice walls … hard to describe. We’re joined thousands of penguins jumping into the stern and petrels playing the lee of the wing … It is impressive, not how to describe it … a killer whale playing with the boat here, it seems that I can play.

We’re here to Antarctica.

A first shot to test my suits.

The water is less than 2 degrees and have endured half hour.
We are on Deception Island and in latitude 60

The wave prediction for tomorrow is good, so we’ll see a couple of possible breaks below a glacier.

This must be the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my life.”

Check the link directly below for a few minutes of excellent footage of Kepa in the Antartctic

The water temperature here in Cornwall may not be quite as cold as it is in the Antarctic, but it’s still pretty damn chilly, so why don’t you take full advantage of our range of Patagonia wetsuits.

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