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Pukas Surf Resin Cake

The Pukas Resin Cake is the latest surfboard to be created under the hand of Pukas’ shaper Axel Lorentz, and jeepers are we excited! With a firm nod towards the understandably successful Pukas Sixtyniner, the Pukas Resin Cake adds some more width and thickness but borrows the Sixtyniner tail. The result will be a board more geared towards the groveler side, but will still hold in steeper stuff thanks to the pulled in tail.

Have a look, see what you think?

Resin Cake Surfboard

Resin Cake

When I picked this board up today to have a look at it, one of the first things I noticed was the relatively deep double concave with vee running through the back end of the board. This is going to make turning a piece of cake and rail to rail surfing a whole heap of fun… Which is basically what this board is about, having fun. That’s why we all surf right?

Here’s what sizes the Pukas Resin Cake comes in.

Pukas resin Cake Surfboard Dimensions

We have an order in place now, and they will be in the shop in six weeks time. Contact us for more info or to order your slice of the cake. We also do custom orders on all Pukas, Lost and Channel Islands surfboads, so give us a call on 01736 757025 to have a chat.

Mmm, all this talk of cake, I’m off to get me some lemon meringue pie right now.

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