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The JS Ghetto Cat from JS Surfboards will be in our shop very soon, and we cannot physically wait! If you take your favourite pin tail shortboard and crossbreed it with your retro fish you will get something that looks very much like the Ghetto Cat. A surfboard that has the holding benefits of a pin tail, with the forgiveness and paddling ability of something more retro thanks to the board’s 'plenty up top' volume distributed in the chest area.

The closest species I’ve seen to the Ghetto Cat before is the Pukas Sixtyniner, which is a fine pedigree from the excellent Pukas range. If the Ghetto Cat is anything like the Sixtyniner in the flesh, then the Ghetto Cat will possibly be the most versatile surfboard you will ever own. I’ve heard many a tale from happy Sixtyniner customers surfing it in 2ft Godrevy slop one week, then jetting off to surf exactly the same surfboard the next week in 6ft barreling Mentawaiis. Thanks to the five fin set up it really does give you the option to surf it how you want to. The closest you’ll get to a one board quiver!

The Pukas Sixtyniner is in stock now right here. Can’t find the size you want? Want a different colour? Fear not as we are taking custom orders for the Sixtyniner, amongst all other models in the Pukas range. Actually saying that, we do custom orders for Lost Surfboards and Channel Islands as well… Another good one is because we are the only AAA account in the country, you’ll get your board faster than anyone, usually 4-5 weeks!

Here how she looks:-

Ghetto Cat

And if you roll her over, this is what her belly looks like:-

Ghetto Cat Concave

JS Ghetto Cat Concave

From Maine Coon to Siamese to Persian and back again, we all know cats come in various sizes, and the Ghetto Cat is no different

Ghetto Cat Sizes

The JS Ghetto Cat will be with us very shortly. Like, literally in the next week or so. Contact us for more info on UK release dates, and how to reserve one for yourself. You’ll be like the cat that’s got the cream!

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