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DHD Project 15

DH has been busy and Down the Line will be stocking a limited number of the Project 15 boards in September 2010, call and reserve your board now! Before they all go. Here’s the skinny on Project 15:-

Where do we start, Project 15 has been one exciting project around BASE. We have seen DH in the bay painting, team-riders and mates all along the coast have been testing these boards and more importantly it has created one fine looking small wave performer.

DH has really capitalized on the resources BASE provides and got everyone involved. What started as a small wave board for himself has evolved into a 15 week project to create the ultimate small wave performer for all surfers around the world. Check out what DH has to say about Project 15.

Normally I would just design a board for one surfer or one type of surfer i.e the Bobby Monster or the Mick Fanning Swivel. With Project 15 I made a bunch of boards with slight variations, all with aim to offer the ultimate performance in small waves and circulated these boards amongst the team, guys in the factory and my friends. Then taking the feedback from that bunch I would shape another bunch and off they would go for testing. I just kept doing this until I got the result I wanted, the ultimate small wave performer. It was a new approach and everyone involved has had a lot of fun doing it.

Taking on everyone’s feedback and using bits and pieces from my other small models the design really evolved into its own. What is really unique to the design, is the curvy plan-shape with the flatter rocker. Especially the last 16 inches, where I have really curved the tail in to a tight rounded square. This allows for tight powerful turns in the pocket, if the wave permits.

Something I have learnt when designing this board, is the flatter rocker combined with a curvy outline is a winning combination. The rocker gives the board the speed it needs to fly down the line, whilst the curvy outline and concaves help to steer the board tight in the pocket for rail to rail performance surfing.

The beauty of this model, is it can be ridden all skill levels and ages.  For example myself who normally rides a 6’1, I am enjoying riding a 5’9 Project 15. If I was of a lesser ability than I would just ride it as a 6’1. Because of the width upfront and the volume, it makes it a stable and easy ride. Size wise I would recommend the following in 1-4ft surf of any description.

  • Pro surfer rides 3″ shorter than your height
  • Experienced surfer rides 2″ shorter than your height
  • Advanced surfer rides 1″ shorter than your height
  • Beginner surfer rides the same length as your height

A lot of people ask me why it is called Project 15, basically I set myself a goal to design this model in 15 weeks. Another thing I did a little different was jump in the spray bay and paint the boards myself, this was heaps of and is where I got the model logo from. Hope you enjoy this model as much as we all have.’ DH

Unique to Project 15 models is Darren Handley’s handpainting. You never know what you will get, DH will be in the spray bay hand painting all the Project 15 models. A constant evolving canvas, bright, colourful and full of suprises.

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